About Us

TyMatt Computer Solutions is an independently-owned and operated small business founded in 2003 by Kwok Man. As a small business, TyMatt understands the needs of the smaller, entrepreneurial and soloprenuer companies. We provide quality, cost-effective and comprehensive full-managed on-site and off-site computer services to both small businesses and home offices.

Services Provided by TyMatt Computer Solutions

System Design and Consulting Data Backup and Security
System Procurement Internet and Email Hosting
System Support Preventive Maintenance
Networking Extended Warranty Coverage
System Upgrades Software Setup and Support
End User Training Consulting
Network Security Data Recovery
Acquisition Integration Compliant Services
Project Management Cloud Solutions


TyMatt Computer Solutions has extensive experience providing relationship-based IT services in a variety of industries. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • finance and investments
  • architecture
  • restaurant and hospitality
  • publishing and literature
  • legal
  • healthcare
  • federal government
  • fashion
  • retail

TyMatt understands that properly selecting and maintaining a computer system can be intimidating, time consuming, and costly for a small business owner. We cater to our clients’ everyday needs, as well as the unique IT problems faced by small businesses. We provide innovative, scalable and reliable solutions at affordable costs. We pride ourselves for successfully taking care of your computer needs allowing you to focus 100% of your time on managing your business.