Cloud-based Solutions and Services

Taking It to the Cloud

Developing and building an IT infrastructure can be a costly and overwhelming undertaking. Most small businesses want “enterprise level” capability and applications, but they simply cannot afford the capital investment required nor the additional employee expense. Cloud- computing technology allows small businesses to access resources, hardware, software, and information on-demand, in real-time, over the Internet. On-site company servers are not required to build a robust IT environment.  Only one on-site requirement is necessary – internet access.

Cloud So;utionsCloud-computing technologies can be deployed via four (4) main models: public, private, community, or a hybrid of the three. Cloud services are segmented by type: software-as-a-solution (Saas), infrastructure-as-a-solution (Iaas), and platform-as-a-solution (Paas). Saas is typically used for office productivity basics like word processing, email, and on-line file sharing. Iaas is used for data backup/storage of intellectual property as well as for computing purposes. Paas is for businesses that are running websites and building applications.

TyMatt Computer Solutions can help you determine the cloud technology and service solutions that best meet your needs. We utilize Microsoft 365 cloud services. We identify and implement cloud services to serve various IT needs including, but not limited to:


  • Website and email hosting
  • Data storage and remote backup
  • Data security
  • File sharing and collaboration
  • Spam filtering

Cloud Convenience

Taking it to the cloud means you can access your data from anywhere with internet access – on demand – 24 x 7. You’ll have improved security and backup, too. If your on-site system goes down, your data is still accessible from the cloud. Cloud-based solutions require only days, rather than weeks, to set up and implement.

Cloud Affordability and Flexibility

Cloud-computing technology will enable you to experience enterprise level applications at a scale and price designed for small businesses. Cloud-based services and solutions eliminate the need for expensive, on-site IT solutions. These cost savings can be used to focus on what you do best – providing great products and services for your customers. Use a lot; use a little. With cloud-based solutions from TyMatt, you won’t have to “grow into” the system; your system and solutions can grow at your pace and within your budget.

Top 10 Benefits of Cloud Computing

1. Gain economies of scale – increase volume output or productivity with fewer people, lowering your cost per unit.
2. Reduce spending on technology infrastructure – maintain easy access to your information with minimal upfront spending. Pay-as-you-go (weekly, quarterly or yearly), based on demand.
3. Improved flexibility – manage the changing needs of your business without serious personnel or financial issues at stake.
4. Streamline processes – implementation of cloud-based solutions requires less time and personnel
5. Reduce capital costs – spending large amounts of money on hardware, software or licensing fees is not required.
6. Globalize your workforce – wherever they’re located, your employees only need an internet connection to access your cloud-based information.
7. Improved accessibility – 24 x 7 on-demand access anytime, anywhere.
8. Monitor projects more effectively – stay within budget and ahead of project completion deadlines.
9. Less personnel training – minimal learning curve on hardware and software issues.
10. Minimize licensing new software – expand and grow at your pace without the need to purchase expensive software licenses or programs.