Maintenance and Support

TyMatt Computer Solutions provides effective, in-office as well as remote support for all your technology needs. Our experienced personnel are industry certified and highly experienced in the computer and IT solutions industry. In any business, server downtime hurts the bottom line. For a small business, even small losses can have a big impact. Protecting your server(s) from unwanted and unnecessary downtime is Maintenance and Support Servicescritical. TyMatt’s maintenance and support service provides 24 x 7 professional monitoring so you can remain focused on your business, your customers, and your bottom line.

At TyMatt, we believe that the best maintenance and support begins with problem prevention.

We provide the following server management functions:

  • 24 x 7 monitoring for hardware utilization and health.
  • Insure application services are running without any issues.
  • Monitor health status of storage drives.
  • Query Event Logs and receive alerts from applications.
  • Monitor servers for any suspicious activity, viruses, and malware.
  • Manage backup jobs and verify file integrity.
  • Perform scheduled preventive server maintenance.
  • Manage server applications and roles.

In addition, the following network management functions are also provided:

  •  Monitor bandwidth usage on switches, firewalls, and network devices.
  •  Monitor Queue length, utilization, usage, network interface, and physical disks for performance bottlenecks.
  •  Capacity alerts for system partitions and disk usage.
  •  Query Event Logs and get alerted to events from applications.
  •  Monitor network devices and servers for any suspicious activity.
  •  Monitor the health of physical disks, controllers, and hardware components
  •  Monitor backup jobs and verify file integrity.