Acquisition Integration

Today’s highly competitive business environment as well as the widespread use of mobile technologies, creates a constantly evolving IT environment. As network infrastructures expand, businesses as well as network professionals are faced with increased challenges to managing the effectiveness, efficiency, and security of their IT systems and solutions.

Enterprise network infrastructures are widely varied in design and scope. They can include both wired and wireless networks, on-site and remote connectivity issues as well as a combination of cloud and managed services. Integrating these varying solutions along with the additional complexity of a “bring your own device” (BYOD) environment requires networking tools that are capable of turning a complex architecture into a simple, unified management environment.

Impact of Mergers and Acquisitions on Network Infrastructure

What’s your biggest challenge? Is your business going through a merger or acquisition? Are you struggling to remain compliant throughout the process? Integrating multiple IT systems can result in confusion, inefficiency and decreased productivity. TyMatt Computer Solutions can help you minimize the impact to your business by providing a comprehensive strategy and deployment plan that will keep your organization running smoothly and focused on daily business needs and demands during the integration process.

The Challenges

• Integrating multiple IT systems that serve different functions, departments, or product lifecycle stages
• Out-of-date or inflexible applications that are configured and hardwired in traditional point-to-point fashion making it difficult and time-consuming to implement changes. What seems like simple changes may actually require extensive re-coding, more resources, and additional testing before deployment.
• Time and budgetary constraints

TyMatt Computer Solutions’ Business Value

• Knowledge and experience within multiple industries
• The ability to quickly gain understanding of your business environment
• The strategy, design, development and implementation services you need to integrate applications
• Efficient, cost-effective solutions
• 100% focused on project implementation; allowing you to remain focused on your business operations.

Is Your Network Ready for “Bring Your Own Device” (BYOD)

Mobile technology continues to impact the way we conduct business locally and globally. Employers are becoming more open and flexible within the work environment and are embracing the needs of a highly-mobile workforce wedded to their own personal mobile computing devices. The BYOD dynamic is continuing to grow and, according to a study conducted at Gartner Summits in the US and Europe, 80% of the global workforce will be eligible to participate in a BYOD program as of 2014.

While advantageous to business for many reasons, including productivity and flexibility, BYOD environments present their own unique set of challenges for your IT environment. A primary concern for IT is how to effectively secure and manage network and application access for employee-owned devices. Personally-owned devices cannot easily be identified, and managed by your IT department. Malware-infected devices can compromise your network security when allowed access to the network or proprietary business applications and information.