In the Cloud or Office

The fundamentals of network architecture design and development are the same regardless of whether information is maintained and obtained within a data center or within the cloud.   So which solution is best for you?  If you’re a small business, chances are cloud technology can provide you with the most cost effective means of storing and accessing data.  But that’s just one piece of the equation.  The overall needs of your business play a vital role in determining whether you should build your network on solid ground or in the cloud.

TyMatt Computer Solutions can help you make those decisions.

Our professional IT network services for office solutions include:

  • Overall network assessment, performance report, and recommendation
  • Installation of security layers on your business network
  • Implementation of VPN and remote office network installation
  • Provision of network cabling and wiring
  • Auditing and documentation of network layout
  • Documentation of network assets
  • Domain network deployment
  • Assistance with network move and relocation, if required

If cloud-based solutions are the preferred approach, our services include:

  • Website and email hosting
  • Data storage and remote backup
  • Data security
  • File sharing and collaboration
  • Spam filtering